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Innogen security have designed the penetration testing services to simulate a black hat attack against a person or business while mitigating damage or disruption to systems or live services.

Our attack procedures will utilise known and custom toolsets along with manual attack methods and will work with you as a customer to tailor the attack surface and depth.

The methodology used as part of our testing follows the below points:

• Information gathering – Recon Phase.
• Vulnerability testing – Perimiter Testing (probing for weaknesses).
• Gaining Access to systems/networks – Command & Conquer.
• Post exploitation – Intel Gathering

All vulnerabilities discovered are clearly documented with an overview to outline how this was carried out and we will work with you to assist with securing any vulnerabilities found.

Innogen security

How we do it

Fortify your systems against attack

Let Innogen security work with you to secure your systems and help you in protecting your assets, with real world experience and the ability to carry out manual attack vectors Innogen security is well placed in providing our customers with penetration tests that closely simulate a real attack against your systems.

With two thirds of companies in the UK being targeted and experiencing some form of data loss then penetration testing is becoming an essential part of company process.

Innogen security can tailor engagements so our attack plans are in line with company requirements to ensure data, personnel and service disruption is minimised; this approach is the primary consideration Innogen utilises before any attack vector is carried out against the target and does not reduce the result set, but ensures intelligent processes are engaged, rather than using a sledge hammer approach.

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