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Vulnhub – TrollCave Walkthrough Part3

April 14, 2018

Trollcave 1:2 Walkthrough Part 3

As we found in part 2 we are now able to promote users to moderator and knowing the integer values equal the user privilege level:
  1. regular member
  2. member
  3. moderator
  4. admin
  5. super admin
Based on this a test of the promotion methods is…   [...]


Vulnhub – TrollCave Walkthrough Part2

April 13, 2018

Trollcave 1:2 Walkthrough Part 2

  The first part we conducted a very basic enumeration of the host, now we will test and enumerate the web application for flaws.  

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  A good selection of information can be obtained from the blog posts on the main home page: …   [...]