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Airodump-ng interaction

While keeping upto speed with wireless attacks it was noticed that interaction with airodump-ng was possible, based on this I headed over to the wiki to find out what options were available rather than punching through the entire keyboard:

Airodump-ng wiki


Since revision r1648, airodump-ng can receive and interpret key 
strokes while running. 
The following list describes the currently assigned keys and supposed actions.

    [a]: Select active areas by cycling through these display options: AP+STA; AP+STA+ACK; AP only; STA only
    [d]: Reset sorting to defaults (Power)
    [i]: Invert sorting algorithm
    [m]: Mark the selected AP or cycle through different colors if the selected AP is already marked
    [r]: (De-)Activate realtime sorting - applies sorting algorithm everytime the display will be redrawn
    [s]: Change column to sort by, which currently includes: First seen; BSSID; PWR level; Beacons; Data packets; Packet rate; Channel; Max. data rate; Encryption; Strongest Ciphersuite; Strongest Authentication; ESSID
    [SPACE]: Pause display redrawing/ Resume redrawing
    [TAB]: Enable/Disable scrolling through AP list
    [UP]: Select the AP prior to the currently marked AP in the displayed list if available
    [DOWN]: Select the AP after the currently marked AP if available

Selecting the AP with tab is a truly great feature as the station list is highlighted with the associated probes for the selected AP which is a great time saving utility, at this point you can change the selection colour by cycling through with the ‘m’ key thus customising the output and being in a more suitable position to visually identify the AP and its associated probes.

The SPACE bar in order to pause the screen output is a brilliant feature, this allows you to copy the data out into a text pad ready for scripting, dont worry any captures are still running in the background its purely the display that is paused.

I have had great fun testing the above features and have placed a quick screen grab below, hope you enjoy cycling through the features also.

One way I have used this over the past day is to select networks I am not interested in red and therefore its easier to spot new client connections on the networks you are interested in at a glance, absolutely superb feature.

[click to view full size image]

Innogen security


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