Innogen security


As an enthusiastic security contractor I started Innogen security as I am excited by security concepts and penetration testing.
My aim is to assist businesses no matter how small to protect their data and employees by assisting the company with introducing good security practices.
Innogen Security eventually aims to grow the company and start employing local talent, train them in security concepts and by virtue of a security focused team, allow all our businesses to thrive and conduct our business online securely; knowing a dedicated and enthusiastic team are available.

Some of my recent engagements have been focused with conducting vulnerability assessments on residential properties due to affluent areas and SOHO businesses becoming targeted by phishing scams and wardriving.

Innogen-Security has a vast wealth of knowledge in the broadcast and VOD sectors as the path to the information security sector was made through the ranks of broadcast engineering and systems architecture.
Innogen Security company therefore holds low level engineering experience of Linear, Non-linear and VOD broadcast systems, workflows and processes and can effectively provide penetration tests or vulnerability assessments against IP broadcast systems with a complete understanding around the impact and value of each specific platform and its related services being tested.

My aim as a small company is to educate the customer while strengthening the customers security thus providing each engagement with the sensible guidance for limiting exposure to successful attacks.

Innogen security has offensive security (OSCP, OSWP) certification and the penetration testing offering is designed to replicate real world attack scenarios without damaging business critical services and processes.

Innogen services include:

Vulnerability assessments
Penetration Testing
Basic Training

Innogen-security is the midlands based information security arm for:
sch tech limited, Registered in England, Company Registration Number: 9038519
Registered Office:
15 main road,
Kilsby, Rugby
CV23 8XR