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Penetration testing Services

Our penetration testing service aims to impersonate a real attack scenario and will aim to move in the same directions as a malicious attacker would. This will be tailored to work with customer requirements and will incorporate many different toolsets and methods and dependant on the engagement.

Vulnerability Assessment

Innogen will use multiple scanning techniques to asses all exposed ports and services and provide you or your company with a detailed report detailing any vulnerabilities and the risk factors of each vulnerability found. This report is reviewed in detail and accurately assessed by innogen prior to formal submission to the customer.


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Innogen security

Data Breach Statistics

On average there are currently 3.04 million records compromised every day spanning all industries and organisations, this breaks down to 35 stolen records every second of the day with an average cost of £105 per record.

The year on year cost impact to businesses experiencing data breaches is increasing as the attacks become more targeted, a recent studies into the average costs of a breach have the following costs for large businesses:
USA: $4million
UK: £1.4million

SME have been stated to lose approximately £310,000 according to a government study and an experian study shows that SME’s underestimate the cost of a data breach by as much as 40%.


Government figures indicate that a data breach costs SMEs an average of £310,000; yet the SMEs surveyed estimated the cost to be £179,990 – a shortfall of over £130,000.

Experian Study   Government study

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